Nutrition Solutions is a nutrition and sports performance clinic run by Dean Fulton, formerly based in West Auckland and currently operating online and via Skype.

All appointments and queries are handled by a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer (BSci Human Nutrition, Sport and Exercise Science, Dip Fitness Training)

All plans are completely personalised and use your input to help you best achieve your goals, both short term and long term.

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Sport Programmes

Athletes are different, physically and mentally, and therefore need diets to fully support maximum performance. I design your diet to merge with both your training schedule, and your goals. Off-season bulking, pre-season leaning, upcoming races, weight loss, water cutting and making weight, aesthetic or performance based - all require a different approach, and plans for any option can be tailored to your needs. 


Training programs to supplement your sport specific trainings can be designed- either general day to day programs, or building up to a specific event, just contact me to discuss your needs.

Family Health and Medical Issues.​

Family eating plans for those looking for a healthier lifestyle can be a confusing thought. I can help design weekly eating plans whilst staying within a given budget, and at the same time teaching you to plan and design your own meals which are nutritionally balanced for all family members.

Our Vision

My goal is to provide affordable nutrition advice to those most in need, to increase the health, wellbeing, and quality of life of my community.​

My sporting knowledge is a true passion, and something I am constantly building, with the desire to pass this on to athletes; amateur and professional alike.​

Whats coming up?
bootcamp, personal trainer, nutritionist

Current Promo:

I have just returned to NZ so I'm offering a $120 basic nutrition and training plan.

This includes a partially tailored weekly eating plan, AND a weekly training plan. See 'services' for details.

This is limited to 20 plans, so get in quick!

bootcamp, personal trainer, nutritionist

Boot Camps


Boot camp training is currently on hold. Typically held at Lawson Park New Lynn, but please contact me for coming sessions.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6-6.45​am

$35 per week or $15 per session, no contracts, no commitments.

Dean Fulton - Director


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